Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here We Go

Hello out there?

I am back at this again. 
I've just spent an entire summer eating incredible food, growing a vegetable garden in my back yard, wandering through countless farmers markets, and experimenting with dairy-free baking (gasp!) and, dear readers, or lack there of, i want to share all of it with you! It's a good deal really: I do all the experimentation. That which turns out well is what I will happily and whole heartedly share with you. That which is a disaster, I will kindly keep to myself. 
I am about to enter into another semester of University and am determined to find time to cook, bake and write. And by write I mean besides all the essays and papers that are about to be thrust upon me. I mean writing FOR FUN! No deadlines! No dead-end topics and minimum/maximum words to worry about! Hooray!
So, this is my project. And even as a full time student, I am determined to do this. I will find the time, I will make the time. I will not loose sight of what it is a really love to do. Which just may be exactly this: spreading the word about good food!

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